A funny day in real estate!

Being a real estate agent you encounter all kinds of people and can end up being the star of some pretty funny situations.  Here is one that makes me chuckle.


Generally when showing a property, we(the real estate agent) makes an appointment to view the property.  We take the client(s) to the property at the appointed time and show the property.  Sounds simple enough?

When I get to an occupied house or a house the owner is still living in until the house sells, I ring the doorbell to be on the safe side.

This particular day, I rang the doorbell waited a couple of seconds, no answer. So, I politely let myself in.  It was a two story house with all bedrooms upstairs.  We walked and talked loudly throughout the bottom floor and basement discussing the likes and dislikes of the house.  We get upstairs, still talking in full voice opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights the whole house viewing shebang.  We get to the master bedroom and the door is closed.  We open the door and there is a body in the bed.  We are stunned silent.  The person is not moving and in all of our silence we didn’t hear any snoring, deep sleep breathing, nothing.  My overexposure to crime T.V. shows led me to believe…

Yes, I called the police!

Hey, don’t judge me.  My clients thought the exact same thing, at the exact same moment we all realized we didn’t hear any breathing.  We hightailed it out of there tripping down the stairs.  I missed the last three steps twisting my ankle trying to run in heels.  We stood on the porch for a good ten minutes debating what to do next.  Client #1 wanted to go back into the house and check for a pulse, but didn’t want to be the person checking.  Client #2 (the sensible one) wanted to jump in our cars and pretend we were never there.  Problem.  The little blue box on the doorknob knew we were there.  So you see, we had no choice but to call the police.

Long story short.

There was no dead body in the bed.  The owner had worked a double shift and was in a dead sleep.  But, not dead to the world.

And no, my clients did not buy the house!


Okay, enough laughing at me.  Time to talk interest rates!



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