House Hunting with Kids

hh with kids


As a Mother, I understand how difficult it can be trying to make important decisions like searching for a home, with your kids in tow.  I have a view ideas that hopefully make house hunting with your kids a little more painless.

1.  Look for a kid friendly real estate agent/Realtor.

2.Depending on their age get them involved in the house hunt.  Let them know why you are looking for a home and how it will benefit them when you find the right home. (Ex. they get their own room, a pool etc.).

2.  Give them a check list marking off what they like and dislike about each house.

3. Don’t view more than 5 houses in a day.  More than that is enough to wear on anyone’s nerves.

4.  If your kids are more active perhaps, you and your spouse can take turns viewing the home while the other stays outside with the children.

5.   Or, (This is where that kid friendly Realtor comes into play.)  your Realtor can wait outside with the children while you view the home without distraction.

6.  If you have infant to toddler aged children, make sure they are well rested and take lots of snacks!

Hopefully, this helps take some of the anxiety out of taking the kids along.  If you have other ideas, please add them in the comments section!


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