What happens when you take the kids house hunting!

URI Unicórnio Rosa Invisivel

URI Unicórnio Rosa Invisivel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was showing houses with my clients who brought their two small children along, a 4 year-old girl and a 8 month-old son.  They were concerned that the 4 year-old would get bored and derail the entire house hunting process.  But, much to their surprise she was extremely well behaved.  She followed closely behind in each house and pretty much did not make a pip.  Because they had small children, I only showed them their three top pick houses and headed back to the office to discuss possibly putting an offer on one they really liked.

When we got back to the office they let me smell on their cute little baby and he did not disappoint.  He smelled like a mixture of baby lotion, baby powder and an extra hint of that natural baby sweetness!  Oops, sorry back to the story.

So, the little girl is spinning around and around and around, in the office chair still in her own little world.   Her Mom asked her “Sweetie which house did you like best?”  The little girl waited for her chair to make a full stop in front of her Mother and replied excitedly  “The house with the Unicorn!”  The sweet smelling baby on my lap cooed on cue, like he totally agreed with her choice.  I looked at the Mom and Dad who both appeared utterly confused.  The Dad asked, “Honey which house was that, because Daddy didn’t see a unicorn in any of the houses.”  I thought maybe she had seen a toy unicorn in one of the kids room.  But, she was adamant there was an alive and breathing pink unicorn with glitter and sparkles in the backyard of the last house.  The house that just happened to be the one the parents loved.

I went with it.  If the kids wanted the house with the unicorn, the unicorn house they should have!

The poor Dad sat there trying to convince her the house had no unicorn in it.  Exhausted with the conversation the little girl finally let him in on something.  “Only kids can see unicorns, because Daddy’s are to big to ride on them!”

The Dad sat back in his chair with a smile… well I guess the unicorn house it is!




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  1. Love this its amazing who intuitive kids are its us parents who lack detail! Hilarious

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