Don’t forget end of the year gifts for your child’s Teacher!

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Parents the school year is almost over in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.  Don’t forget to give your child’s teacher a nice gift for all the work they did for your child this school term.  A little appreciation for the person who cares for your child all day goes a long way!!

And, of course I have teacher gift ideas for you.

1.  A thank you card written/drawn by your child.

2.  Gift cards to their favorite restaurant/store  <<<Remember, no amount is too small.  A $5 gift card to Subway is lunch!

3.  Flowers

4.  Personalized cup/coffee mug

5.  Their favorite thing… (Ask your child, you’ll be surprised the things they know about their teacher!)

6.  Personal school supplies for next year. Ex. sticky notes, pens, sharpies, etc.

7.  A craft made by your child or you if you’re crafty.

8.  Or something your child personally picks out for them.  (My son picked out a cowboys rubber ducky, cowboys necklace and a dancing solar light plant. He was so proud to give her the gift and she loved it!)


It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Just something that let’s them know they are appreciated.  I know it gets tricky in the higher grades when they have multiple teachers.  I would go with thank you cards for each signed by my child.  And, maybe a gift for their fav if they want.

Just little ole’ me and all of my ideas!!


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