About Me

Shawn Gamble

I just want to give a little background about myself.  Hopefully, this will help you in trusting my real estate advice.  But, like all advice  make sure you do your own research and don’t take my complete word for everything.  I assure you I try to remain current in my topics and statistics.  And of course, truthful.  However, I’m not always right so don’t quote me on everything.  (Most of it, but not all of it!)


FYI- I have a tendency to over use explanation points! Please don’t be alarmed, it’s a bad habit I started from texting.  (Yeah.  Don’t try to figure that one out!)

Back to me.

I am Shawn Gamble and have been a real estate agent since 2001.  I am actively licensed in Georgia and Texas.  I have been licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. << Long story, don’t waste ten minutes of your life asking about it.  Real boring!

I have been a real estate agent for over ten years and have the experience and the know how on making big things happen.  I’m not afraid to get in the ring and negotiate the best deal for the sell or purchase of your home.  I have been up against the heavy hitters and I’m not afraid to hit right back.

So if you are looking for an agent that will work for you and your best interest.  I am that agent “Shawn Gamble”!

If you’re in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area call me, let’s talk real estate!  Or not.

You can email me, we can type real estate! Or not.

You can text me, we can text real estate. Or… you have to do something, so call me!

Leave a comment, I love feed back!


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