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Fun summer ideas for the kids!

Well school is almost out for most of the kids in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area soon.  If you are anything like me, you haven’t really made any big plans besides summer camp, family vacation…. okay that’s as far as I have gotten.  So, I decided to come up with fun summer activities for the kids and I thought I would share.


1.  Local recreational parks with pools.   I know in the Arlington area they have cool water parks that cost a lot less than the big water parks, so you can take them more often.

2.  Then of course there is the Zoo.  My kids received free tickets to the  Dallas zoo through their school.  So, we will definitely be checking out the new Anteater.  I would put it in the not to pricey category if you can make it out without stopping in the gift shop.<<< Good luck with that!

3.  Playgrounds.  Though this may not seem fun to us.  Face it, kids will stay out there for hours if we let them.  Just take your bug spray and a good book and let them have at it.  Plus, it’s FREE and a bunch of different ones all around!!

4.  Skating.  Yes, skating rinks do still exist.  They have some really good ones out there too.   It’s a great indoor activity when you need a break from the heat.  I even join in on the fun to get my exercise in.  Not to pricey.

5.  Morning Movie.  A lot of the movie theaters do an early movie for half the price of a regular ticket, which puts it in the not so pricey category.  If you are going at the regular times, I move this up to the pricey category.  I put it in the go broke category if you hit the concession stand!

6.  Library.  The local libraries have summer programs for children to encourage them to read throughout the summer.  It’s a freebie!

7.  Dallas Aquarium.  We went with the school on a field trip and I must say we really enjoyed it.  It’s not one of those one time visit aquariums.  It’s a little pricey though.

8.  Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  Love, love this place!  A little advice in terms of pricing.  I have a family of 4 so we opted to purchase the membership for the year.  It pretty much pays for itself after the first visit.  And, you likely won’t get everything in on the first visit unless you have patient children.  Another member benefit are their member hours.  It allows you in the museum an hour or two before it opens to the public. ( A real advantage!)  We purchased this last summer and have definitely gotten our monies worth.  My son played hookie from school on his birthday and chose the Perot Museum as his birthday outing.  Without the membership I would put it in the pricey category, but well worth the price for a great fun educational experience.

9.  Backyard camping!  This is a fun way to brave the outdoors!  I make a whole day of it, by allowing them to plan their menu, entertainment, where they will pitch the tent and so on.  They really get into it and love it.

10.  Neighborhood exploring.  We have moved around the country quite a bit, so we have always been into learning  about  where we live.  You would be amazed at some of the historical facts about your very own neighborhood.  Example, when we lived in Dandridge, TN we were able to see where they brought in the slaves and where they were kept under (what is now a cafe) ground until they were sold.  And, this was not a tourist attraction or on their recommended sites to see list.  We learned this over milk shakes at one of the states oldest Diners, just talking to people in the community who were glad to share their knowledge.  It was a very educational and humbling experience.   Oh and this is FREE!!


These are few easy ideas for daily activities to get them out of the house and active.  If you have any others, be sure to list them in the comments and add price category.  I list more ideas as they pop into my brain!

Happy summer fun!!